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Saturday, November 05, 2005


Its been a while since I have done Around The Bilogs for varying reasons, busy, busy and busy, but I am up and running again, and it's time to 'make hay while the sun shines,' by taking a look at look at some ‘Agricultural’ posts that were around the blogs this week…

First up, we go to Team-Swap Blog, where Frank has been ‘cutting it fine,’ and ‘giving an edge’ to a new way of Evangelism, in Mowing The Yard!

Next, we cross the ‘fields’ to a Stronger Church, where Peter has been ‘plowing’ into some dodgy ‘fruit and vegetables,’ and ‘paring’ them down to ‘edible chunks,’ in Evangelicals Ruin Something Else.

Our next ‘paddock’ is as easy as ‘shelling peas,’ it’s at Adrian Warnock’s UK Blog, where Adrian’s ‘stall’ is ‘Topping and tailing’ some Favourite Preaching Podcasts,he’s handing out for free! Now that’s a miracle, and I am not speaking in tongues!

Our next field of ‘call’ is actually at the ‘Racecourse,’ where Matt of The Gad(d) About, in Thursday’s ‘post,’ is ‘horsing around’ and ‘hedging’ some ‘bets’ on various ‘runners,’ in Handicapping The GodBlogs.Straight from the ‘horses mouth,’ my money would be on Adrian telling a joke, ‘butt’ the 'odds' should be 100-1.

In the next field we visit, Paul, at Prying1, has been ‘pottering around,’ after trying to ‘water a plant,’ in Sidetracked Again!It’s obvious that he needs a ‘tap’ on the head, to ‘twig’ what’s happening in this 'gardening' project.

We are of to relax and play in the next field, where Forrest of Paint and Play-Lost In Reason, has us ‘branching’ out on our own, as we try and ‘figure’ out, what’s missing in his new ‘landscape...’
Storytelling. He is ‘canvassing’ us to come up with some ideas, but this is not easel, so don’t just ‘brush’ it off, help him!

Well after all that ‘digging’ in the fields, I am off to have a cup of refreshing ‘tea,’ but not the ‘Brazilian Plants,’ hoasca stuff that John from The Sheep’s Crib, is talking about in, SCOTUS- Hey Bro! Praise The Big Man Upstairs! That ‘brew’ is positively hallucinogenic, and is guaranteed to send you ‘potty!’

Now, that I have my cup of ordinary tea, I am going to sit down to read my favourite blog, and read some of his eclectic brew of odds and endsNot that he has anything to do with the agricultural posts, but he does write some ‘juicy’ posts!

Well folks, that’s all for Around The Biiillllooggggssss this week, God bless, and have a great weekend!

PS. And don’t forget to visit a ‘Farmers Market’ near you!


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