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Sunday, October 30, 2005


I always give thanks to my God for you because of the grace he has given you through Christ Jesus. For in union with Christ you have become rich in all things, including all speech and all knowledge. 1Cor 1:4-5.

The Apostle Paul was absolutely amazing. He is writing, to one of the most problematic churches of his time, and yet he finds reasons to give thanks for them.

Paul is thankful for them because Jesus died for them. When God extends his grace to others, how can we not do the same? He recognises that their misuse of the Spiritual gifts is also a reason to give thanks, they may have distorted them, but when reeled in to honour God, these gifts would be a tremendous blessing to their church.

Even though he has tough words to follow, Paul's example reminds us, that a child of God is something to be cherished, even if they have problems, let us find reasons, to love our Brother's and Sister's in the Lord, even if they have made mistakes.

Loving Father, give me the heart to see reasons to be thankful for all of your children. I confess that it is often so easy for me to view others based on how they view me, or share my theological opinions, or how much trouble they cause me. Forgive me Lord, for I know if you had done the same with me, I would have never been one of your children. Please help me through the power of the Holy Spirit, to rejoice in your children. In the wonderful name of Jesus I pray. Amen.


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