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Saturday, October 22, 2005


A lovely Doggie Tail from Manchester, England...

SANDY the sheep dog is not right in the head - she can only turn left. She has driven her owners round the bend by refusing to take a right turn in the road.

Now, they have called in a pet psychologist to point Sandy in the right direction Danny and Barbara Willock were baffled when she sat down in the street on her daily walks and refused to budge.But it soon became clear the loveable three-year-old rescued pet was simply refusing to take a right turn. So, what should be a 10minute walk from their home to a nearby park, has turned into an hour-long three-mile circular hike - always turning left.

Shop worker Barbara, 59 now takes Sandy by car, when the walk is too long. But the barmy pet has started causing problems inside the house. She refuses to let the couple iron or vacuum.

Barbara, of Manchester, said: "Sandy is a lovely sweet-natured dog, but she's crazy. You can't make her turn right during walks. Left is OK, but try to turn right and she'll sit down, lie or run away. The vet says it's one of her quirks. She also wouldn't let me bring out the ironing board. She goes crazy, barking and tries to jump on it. It's the same if I want to vacuum. You can only do it if she's out of the house."

Barbara added: "We've had problems with Sandy ever since we got her from an animal rescue shelter two-and-a-half-years ago. She had been badly treated and we think that's why she's not right. But she's very good with children and even babies. "

Barbara and Danny, 61, a builder, have called in animal behaviour expert Dr David Sands to help. TV viewers will see his efforts to cure Sandy in a show on the Animal Planet digital channel next month.

Barbara said: "Sandy's got better with the ironing board and vacuum cleaner since Dr Sands came. She still won't turn right, though."

What a strange Dog, but it is obvious Barbara and family love Sandy, let's hope that they fix the problem. I am no Pet Psychologist, but I reckon a big tasty bone, thrown in the RIGHT direction, might help! :)


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