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Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Most people wish to serve God -- but in an advisory capacity only. - Sunday Express.

My friends, God has made us these promises. So we should stay away from everything that keeps our bodies and spirits from being clean. We should honor God and try to be completely like him. - 2Cor 7:1. (CEV)

Whatever is done for God, without respect of its comparative character as related to other acts, is service, and only that is service. Service is, comprehensively speaking, doing the will of God. He is the object. All is for Him, for His sake, as unto the Lord, not as unto man. Hence, even the humblest act of humblest disciple acquires a certain divine quality by its being done with reference to Him.

The supreme test of service is this: 'For whom am I doing this?' Much that we call service to Christ is not such at al .If we are doing this for Christ, we shall not care for human reward or even recognition. Our work must again be tested by three propositions: Is it work from God, as given us to do from Him; for God, as finding in Him its secret of power; and with God, as only a part of His work in which we engage as co-workers with Him." - A.T. Pierson.

What Father wants us to do, is made clear to us, through the promises in the Bible. If we know these promises and receive them by faith, we will experience God’s desire for our life, and once we activate them, we can be sure that God will do the things, He has said He would do. The purpose of these lessons is to help us discover, what Father wants for us. Yesterday in Part 1, we saw that Father wants everyone to come to Jesus for Salvation, and today, the second thing Father wants for us is…

Jesus said to them, "Come with me! I will teach you how to bring in people instead of fish." - Mark 1:17.

When Peter became a follower of Christ, Jesus told him he would be made a fisher of people. On the day of Pentecost, Peter was used of God to preach, and bring 3,000 to a personal faith in the Saviour... Acts 2:41 On that day about three thousand believed his message and were baptized.

Every one of us is called to leave everything and follow Him, and by His grace, He makes us willing to do so. Not that we have to go everywhere in the world, but we listen for His commands, and we work wherever, to bring them into being, through our obedience as servants of the most high God. Those of us who repent and accept Jesus, as Lord and Saviour, must prove our sincerity by turning away from the world’s ways, and serve Him.

The great violinist, Niccolo Paganini willed his marvelous violin to city of Genoa on condition that it must never be played. The wood of such an instrument, while used and handled, wears only slightly, but set aside, it begins to decay. Paganini's lovely violin has today become worm-eaten and useless except as a relic. A Christian's unwillingness to serve may soon destroy his capacity for usefulness. - J.K. Laney.

Every Christian should be a worker. There should be a hunger in our heart of hearts, to bring others to Christ. God expects results in the building of His kingdom, and we should expect results too. What would you think of a farmer who always planted seed but never harvested? You would think him rather foolish. As we share the Good News of Christ, we should also expect to see a response, this world is in need of a Saviour, and only Christ can fill the void that exists in every human heart. Everyone should be a part of bringing others to Christ.

Years ago, the Salvation Army was holding an international convention and their founder, Gen. William Booth, could not attend because of physical weakness. He cabled his convention message to them. It was one word: "OTHERS." - Source unknown.

When Paul was in prison for his faith in Christ, he didn't give up. There he wrote letters called the “Prison Epistles.” How many of us have read these letters, and been strengthened in our own faith? How many will speak to Paul in heaven, and thank him for his faithful service, whilst he was in jail? I could imagine how the devil thought he had stopped Paul, from being a witness, by putting him in prison. Paul's witness was not hampered in the slightest, and his imprisonment became an opportunity, to record words of life for centuries to come.

In 1878, when William Booth's Salvation Army was beginning to make its mark, men and women from all over the world began to enlist. One man, who had once dreamed of becoming a bishop, crossed the Atlantic from America to England to enlist. Samuel Brengle left a fine pastorate to join Booth's Army.

But at first General Booth accepted his services reluctantly and grudgingly. Booth said to Brengle, "You've been your own boss too long." And in order to instill humility in Brengle, he set him to work cleaning the boots of other trainees.

Discouraged, Brengle said to himself, "Have I followed my own fancy across the Atlantic in order to black boots?" And then, as in a vision, he saw Jesus bending over the feet of rough, unlettered fishermen. "Lord," he whispered, "you washed their feet; I will black their shoes." -
K Hughes.

Jesus promised that if we follow him he'd make us fishers of people. This means we should expect results in our ministry. Every one of us, should be used of God, in bringing others to Christ.

Loving Father, I thank you that Jesus is my Lord and Saviour. Help me by the power of the Holy Spirit, to serve Him, whenever, wherever, He commands, and that I may win precious souls for Him, and extend the kingdom of heaven. In the wonderful name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

God Bless You And Yours.

Tomorrow in the Conclusion... FATHER WANTS US TO SEE THE GLORY OF JESUS!

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