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Thursday, July 21, 2005

SCOTTISH CURE FOR ASTHMA - Blaw yerself tae health!

Hoots Mon! Gies a healthy tune on the ol pipes...

A TEENAGER has managed to cure his asthma by playing the bagpipes Richard Humphries, 13, struggled to control the illness for years, until stumbling across the unlikely remedy by accident.

He said yesterday: 'The pipes are making a big difference. Playing them has taught me techniques to control my breathing. I now use these to keep on top of my asthma.'

Last night, charity Asthma UK said: 'It's the first time we have heard of pipes being used this way but it makes perfect sense.
'Playing the pipes will teach people good breathing habits.'

Scotland has the world's worst teenage asthma rate.

Richard, from Glasgow, had been on a range of medications, including steroid-filled inhalers, since being diagnosed with asthma aged four.Over the years, he was rushed to hospital more than a dozen times after serious attacks.Like many asthma sufferers, he started to lose his confidence and lived in fear of having another attack.

But that all changed two years ago when his mum Ellen bought him a set of pipes.
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