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Friday, July 15, 2005


There is a Feast of great subjects in the Blogosphere at the moment! Sumptuous and Juicy posts all over!

We start Munching at Blogotional, where John is throwing a Pie... Biblical Speculation, in the face of Adrian Warnock’s Appetizer post… “Did Paul meet Jesus when he was on earth?" And some New Zealand Lamb Chops are given by Catez, of Allthings2all!

Jeannie, has been crying over her Birthday Party at Angel wiv Attitude, but had to eat some Humble Pie!

John Luke Rich of Blogcorner Preacher, is stirring a Steaming Pot of Witches Brew and takes a Bite at Harry Potter!

Connally Gilliam at Common grounds Online, makes everybody think about saying Grace at mealtimes!

Angel of My Walk, has got has a Spit Roast with some good things about nasty bloggers, don’t miss the comments!

Kim of Upward Call, has Tasty Meaty Bites on "Some Hard Lessons"; in fact it’s a three course Meal, don't miss courses 1 & 2!

BJ of God Is Good All The Time, has some Food for Thought with "Are You Doing What God Has Called You To Do?"

Frank of Swap Blog, has a Delightful Dessert of... "The Sowing Life" that will fill you to the brim!

Well that's it folks, the table is cleared and the candles are blown out on another... Arrroouuunnnddd Ttthhheeeee Bbbiiillloooggggsssss!

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