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Saturday, March 05, 2005


This is the last post of what has been a wonderful series on the crucifixion of Jesus, this series has caused me to begin to study more on the Cross.

R.B. Jones, who was the Principal of South Wales Bible Training Institute, Porth, Wales. He published a book in 1931 called RENT HEAVENS, a very popular and stirring account of the Welsh Revival which occurred in Wales in 1904-5.

Jesus Forsaken by God

In the agony of Jesus, then, we have a graphic indication of the nature of the torment of hell. If He was there in my stead, as my representative, doing business for me, then, the agony that He endured in the substitutionary process is the agony that I must endure in hell, if I refuse to allow Him to substitute for me.

His pains, His shriek of loneliness, His agonizing question from the cross, are, after all, the prophetic manifestations of what awaits doomed sinners in the everlasting condemnation of their unforsaken guilt. . . Continue reading

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