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Friday, March 04, 2005

"IT - IS - FINISHED!" ... by R. B. Jones

The second last post of our wonderful series on the crucifixion of Jesus... by R.B. Jones, who was the Principal of South Wales Bible Training Institute, Porth, Wales. He published a book in 1931 called RENT HEAVENS, a very popular and stirring account of the Welsh Revival which occurred in Wales in 1904-5.

Jesus - "It is Finished"

The sixth statement of Jesus is actually one word in the original Greek: tetelestai. Its full meaning is "It was finished and as a result it is forever done." A good translation would be: "It stands finished." It might well be expressed by the exclamation, "DONE!" if the idea of perfection is held in connection. It is a word of accomplishment as well as of relief, of satisfaction as well as of fact, of victory as well as of work.

"It" was the torment of the payment of the penalty of the accumulated sin of all men. "It" was the suffering of the full punishment of all the guilt of all time. "It" was the experience of the combined hells of all who have offended God. . . . Continue reading

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