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Saturday, December 03, 2005


I was born in Glasgow, and I couldn’t agree more that the…

FUNNIEST people in Britain are Glaswegians - and that's official. In a poll of 4500 jokers by Phones 4U, Glasgow folk told the best one-liners.

As the home of stars such as Billy Connolly, Rikki Fulton and Stanley Baxter, locals have the best gags. Govan comic Andy Reid, 28, represents Scotland in a joke fest on Tuesday in Manchester to find the UK's top funnyman.

The former banker, whose stage name is Andy Sir, said: "There are no laughs in banks, so I started cracking jokes."

Newcastle told the filthiest jokes and Bristol the longest.

Andy's winning joke was:
"My father doesn't approve of charity. We got a letter through the door saying £50 would pay for a child's education in Africa, so he sent me to school in Nairobi for six years."

Be encouraged!

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