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Sunday, August 14, 2005


If you have been reading Around The Bilogs and the recent post of The Gad(D) About, where Drummer Matt Clashed with Slice of Laodicea, on the subject of Sacred Drumming! Then this post below from Pastor Mark Taylor in South Africa, lends some credibility to the subject, and supports Matt's view...

Here's a picture I snapped at the Million Leader Manadate sessions in Harare during the first week of July 2005. Tiri is such a joy to watch during worship music because you can just see he 'drums for the Lord'.

Now the thing about Tiri is that he was orphaned a long time ago and has pretty much grown up in Northside Community Church, where I pastored for four years.

Current pastor Gary Cross says this about Tiri:"Tiri worked the youth office for a year looking after the youth group for junior school children. He is very talented and full of life but needs some stability and a sound Scriptural framework on which to hang all his ideas ... so I enrolled him in the Research Tutorial Degree Programme at the Harare Theological College.

One of the college's requirements is that full-time students remain closely linked with a local church and be involved in a ministry. Tiri continues to lead and run WOW Kids Club for kids between grades 4 to 7, ages 9 to 12. WOW kids is about 40 kids with a strong leadership team of 4 or 5 young adults under Tiri. Tiri meets me once a month and has an advisor at HTC whom he meets every week"

He has no means of earning the kind of money it takes to pay his fees - a large amount in Zimbabwe, not that much anywhere else) and we are trying to do something to help him. If anyone else reading feels the same, give me a buzz. mickaroony@gmail.com

Sounds like a great drummer and a great cause!


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