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Friday, August 12, 2005


Wow! Have we got some great Percussion posts to bring to you today! From the quiet Tinkling of Cymbals to the Boom of the Big Bass Drum, posts that will keep you in touch with the Rythm of life!

Our first Intro, takes us to The Gad(D) About, where Drummer Matt Clashes with Slice of Laodicea, on the subject of Sacred Drumming!

Our next Pulsating post, is Both Worlds, where Gary is in Tempo with sympathy and politeness, in a letter to his editor!

We Bang on to Tim at Callmeteem, where he Taps out a Tune on Selfless Sacrifice, in Something Beautiful for God!

The next Drum Roll, takes us to Drummer Dan's Cerulean Sanctum, where he is Upbeat on compassion and dispensing grace, in Trying to Get By !

Pedalling on, we arrive at Common Grounds Online, where Linc Ashby is doing a Solo on Risky Business, and Swinging to the Tune of Righteouness!

We keep in Sync, with Julana at Life in the Slow Lane, where she has a Booming post, and is keeping us in Pace with, Facing reality: precursor to grace, making us aware of children with special needs.

Phew! My hands are tiring, as we head for Paint at Play - Lost in Reason , where Forrest, Sticks to his philosophy on dysfunctional children of God, and is Instrumental in helping us to Live Like Family!

So as not to miss a Beat, our next item comes from Frank at Team- Swap Blog, who gives us some Hard Jolts on followers of Christ, and how to avoid being Snared by the enemy!

Reaching a Crescendo, how could we Miss a Beat by not including Phil Johnson at PyroManiac , who is ,as the Apostle Paul says, a Noisy Gong or a Clanging Cymbal, when it comes to 'Evangelicalism.' He Picks up an old tune in "Evangelical Megashift," and Thrashes it to death in New-model Christianity, or old-model heresy?

Well, that’s it fellow bloggers, we come to the Final Drum Roll of another Orchestrated... Arrroouuunnnddd Ttthhheeeee Bbbiiillloooggggsssss!

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