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Monday, July 25, 2005


This is the latest on the 'Piano Man.' Still nobody has come forward to identify him, please pray that this will happen soon or that he will speak and tell the authorities who he is! You can read previous updates... Click here.

DOCTORS caring for the 'Piano Man' want to test for a physical cause of his inability to speak, rather than a psychological reason.

The mystery man, a virtuoso pianist, was found wandering on a remote seafront road in Sheerness, Kent, in April.

He has not spoken to anyone, hampering efforts to identify him.A member of staff at Littlebrook Hospital in Dartford, Kent, who would not be named, said: 'We want to find out if he has a voice box or if his vocal cords have been damaged.

'The difficulty is being able to properly examine him. Medical rules stipulate we need his or his family's permission to do so.'

Despite massive media interest worldwide, no-one has come forward to identify the man.


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