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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

SCAREY HAIREY SPIDER! Why real Scotsmen wear trousers!

I have been laughing for hours at this incident, it just makes me glad I wear trousers in Australia!


A SCOTS piper had to be taken to hospital while on tour in Thailand after being bitten by a poisonous spider. Kilt-wearing Calum Fraser, 37, fell ill hours after playing at a whisky promotion in Bangkok.

At first he dismissed the sting on his knee as a mosquito bite.But after boarding a flight to play in the northern city of Chiang Mai, he became increasingly feverish and his knee swelled to 'the size of a football'.
Luckily, alert cabin staff recognised the symptoms and gave him antibiotics.
As soon as the plane landed, he was taken to hospital in Chiang Mai where he was given antidotes.

Last night, Calum, a Tartan Army veteran better known as Spud the Piper, was recovering in his hotel room. He said: 'It was pretty scary for a while.'I didn't see the spider, so I couldn't describe it to the doctors' I think they just gave me a cocktail of antidotes and hoped one of them would be the correct agent.'My head was spinning and sweat was pouring out me. I was determined not to faint in case I never woke up again'. 'They still can't say for certain what drug did the trick so I'm taking four different ones, just in case.'

Despite the scare Calum, who has previously hit the headlines after playing his bagpipe version of Like A Virgin for Madonna in Inverness, was still able to joke about his ordeal. He said: 'I'm getting married soon. I'm just glad this wee beastie stopped at my knee and didn't wander further up my kilt.'

A spider expert confirmed that Thai species, such as a bird-eating variety which can grow up to 10cm across, could have a nasty bite.
But he added: 'Their spiders are not generally fatal, though they can cause dangerous allergic reactions.

'It's the snakes I'd be looking out for. 'I wouldn't like to find a spitting cobra curled up beside my chanter!"


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