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Friday, July 08, 2005

THE BIBLE IS RIGHT AGAIN... Poor little millionaires!

If you love money, you will never be satisfied; if you long to be rich, you will never get all you want. It is useless. - Eccel 5:10. cev

The more people have, the better house they must keep, the more servants they must employ, the more guests they must entertain, and the more they will have hanging on them. The sleep of the labourer is sweet, not only because he is tired, but because he has little care to break his sleep.

The sleep of the diligent Christian, and his long sleep, are sweet; having spent himself and his time in the service of God, he can cheerfully repose in God as his Rest. But those who have every thing else, often fail to secure a good night's sleep; their abundance breaks their rest. Riches do hurt, and draw away the heart from God and duty.

People do hurt with their riches, not only gratifying their own lusts, but oppressing others, and dealing hardly with them. They will see that they have laboured for the wind, when, at death, they find the profit of their labour is all gone like the wind, they know not whither. - Matthew Hendry.

Australian millionaires are reluctant to recognise themselves as well-to-do, and even the very rich still cry poor.

Only 5 per cent of millionaires see themselves as prosperous, and more than half prefer the term "reasonably comfortable", a national study of 12,000 people has found.

Among households worth more than $3 million, only 20 per cent identified themselves as prosperous, while 7 per cent said they were either "just getting along" or "poor", the Australia Institute's survey reports.

"As someone living in a $2 million house and with not much else, I can understand it," says Doug Webber, 47, a Macquarie Bank employee who prefers the "comfortable" tag. "I look at cash flow, and while I am on a big income, my lifestyle soaks that up."

Mr Webber told the Herald that bank clients who had $1 million to invest would usually consider themselves comfortable, and someone with $2 million may still drive a Commodore. But even clients with tens of millions "never really stop wanting and accumulating wealth".

AAWWWHHH! What a shame! Continue reading...


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