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Friday, July 08, 2005


From Australia... our prayers and support go out to all the victims, their families and loved ones.

A group linked to al-Qaeda boasted Britain was "burning with fear" as it claimed responsibility for a series of terrorist strikes on the London transport system that left dozens dead and hundreds injured.

Three explosions rocked the London Underground and another blew apart a bus during the morning peak yesterday, causing what police said were "many casualties".

Early today, Sydney time, the death toll had reached 37 and was certain to rise. Officials said about 700 people were injured.

"Four devices we believe were involved in today's incidents,'' the city's deputy police chief Brian Paddick told a joint press conference in London.

"The police service received no warning about these attacks,'' he said, noting that the authorities had also received no claims of responsibility.

A defiant Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who left the Group of Eight world leaders' summit in Scotland to return to London for the emergency, said hours after the blast:

"It is important ... that those engaged in terrorism realise that our determination to defend our values and our way of life is greater than their determination to cause death and destruction to innocent people in a desire to impose extremism on the world. Whatever they do, it is our determination that they will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear in this country and in other civilised nations throughout the world." Continue reading...


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