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Saturday, July 30, 2005


And today's posts come to us from the letter 'P'

No! It’s not another reference to that Pyromaniac who posts about ‘Phads,’ Praise the Lord, but about real People who have real Problems and display real Pyrotechnics!

Our first Perusal is to…

Adrian at Adrian Warnocks UK Blog, where he Ponders about Potential Persecution! for his Plausible Post on Bill Hybels! (Don't miss the comments!)

Proceeding on from there, we Perchance on the Prolific, Percipient, Personable, Bob at Mr. Standfast, and His Presentable Post on… The Presence!

Our next Port of call is Kim at the Upward Call, and her Permissible Plea for assistance on… Probing Another Theological Question.

After that, we Progress to Terry at Pruitt Communications, and his Post is Personal… 100 Things About Me, but thankfully not Private!

Please Permit me to Pause at a Pastoral Property in New Zealand… where Catez of Alltihngs2all, Publicises a Picture, Featuring fierce rivalry, stopwatch suspense, and larger-than-life Personalities… MURDERBALL, Phew!

Next, we Present our Persona to a Pleasant Pundit, Frank at Team-Swap Blog, for a Pertinent Plethora of… Forgotten Lessons!

Then it’s off to Participate on The Omnibus, where Paula Peeks at the Passengers, and their Personalities... The Omnibus Among Royalty!

Perceiving the need to be Prompt, we go straight to Matt at The Gad(d)about, where he Permits us to Feast on a Palatable Platter of Perspicaciousness… The genealogy of down home cookin.

Phew! Just one more, I Promise! And it’s a Prescription for all of the above Profusion of Posts, its Brad, at The Broken Messenger, who Provides us with a Parable on… Self Examination!

Sorry, Please forgive me for breaking a Promise, but I had a fight with Blogger! Dan of Cerulean Sanctum who was first but not least, Ponders about Persecution, amongst the Perfunctory of Pleasure, in having too much fun!

Well, that’s it fellow bloggers, we Pronounce the Precipitated end of these Publications on another... Arrroouuunnnddd Ttthhheeeee Bbbiiillloooggggsssss!


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