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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Survey in 17 Countries: Citizens Find Littering Most Offensive.

Europeans are more upset about litter than about cursing. That is one of the results of a survey in 17 European countries carried out by the magazine Reader’s Digest in Stuttgart, Germany.

The magazine gave citizens a choice of 20 incidents and asked them which ones they found most annoying. At the top of the list with 86% came “people who just throw their trash away”. In second place are dog droppings on sidewalks (82%). Jumping the waiting line is in third place (81%).

Cursing and swearing came in 14th place. 52% of all Europeans are irritated by foul language. The same number say that operating instructions of mobile phones get on their nerves.

What Europeans find least offensive are smoking in public (50%), road construction (35%) and low necklines or short skirts (22%).

Sounds like a right load of old rubbish to me!


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