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Friday, June 17, 2005


WOW! There is fighting going on around the blogs right now, with the Battle Royale between in the red corner... Blogotional in How WOULD I Answer Larry King? Vs Allthings2all in the blue corner with... So Why Did God Give Us an Intellect? Head on over and weigh in with some comments!

After that fight you may want to dance around to Angel wiv Attitude, where she and her netball team have been in a mighty scrap!

Come out swinging and go to Bryans Nonsense, where there is a war going on!

The bell is ringing in the Gad(d)about, who is having amighty fight with his template, go over there and see if you can deliver the knockout punch!

Off your seat and head for Paint at Play - Lost in Reason, where he had a mighty bout with the devil and his past and won! Go and congratulate the winner!

And the final blow has been dealt to the KJV as the Swap Blog, sends it crashing to the canvas in... Give us 1611 or bust…NOT!!!

And still in his corner fighting is Totem to Temple in his... inexistent social life, as he gets into a clinch with the reality of being single!

Well that's it folks, the bell has sounded on another Arrroouuunnnddd Thheeeee Bbbiiillloooggggsssss!


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