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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Free Bibles to be won! That's music to the ears of a Scotsman! Pay a visit to Adrian Warnock's Blog and join in the dicussion...

The ESV Publishers are eager to encourage discussion of the answers. Therefore, if you leave a comment or trackback on one (or more) of my posts that discuss the interview, you’ll be eligible to win a copy of any ESV Bible published by Crossway that has a list price of US$99.99 or less!On July 11, 2005, Crossway will randomly pick three comments from all my posts about the questions. If the comments they pick have a way to contact the author (an email address or a link to a website that contains a contact mechanism), then they’ll email the author and let him or her choose to receive for free any ESV Bible that Crossway sells for less than $100. If we can’t figure out how to contact the author of the winning comment, we’ll choose another one.

Check in here and leave a comment!

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