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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Religious Tolerance) Bill has been defeated today in the Legislative Council. In a 23-5 vote the bill was rejected.

Rev Hon Dr Gordon Moyes offered his thanks to the thousands of Christians from across the entire state who petitioned the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council. “This bill was one of the greatest threats seen in recent times to religious freedoms in this state, and Christian people were right to rally against them. It was all worth it today.”

The Christian Democratic Party, represented in Parliament by Rev Dr Gordon Moyes and Rev Fred Nile, took the lead role in fighting against the bill.

“Every day of the week Christians offer their prayers of thanks to God that we live in Australia, a country that has freedom of religious expression. They see how the Church overseas is persecuted beyond belief because many foreign Governments do not accept this liberty. Today God heard their prayers of petition”, Dr Moyes said.

“We also remember the two Dannys in Victoria who continue to come under legal persecution for speaking openly about religious truths. Their plight has readily shown the vagueness of religious tolerance legislation is an open invitation to over-zealous judicial activism in prosecuting people of faith.”

The Anti-Discrimination Amendment (Religious Tolerance) Bill was declared poor legislation by many individuals that including former Premier Bob Carr and federal Treasurer Peter Costello.

Hallelujah! Praise the wonderful Name of Jesus!

Be encouraged!

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