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Monday, February 13, 2006


I must apologise to all my readers for not telling them I was on Holiday… I forgot! Duh! Please forgive me, it must have something to do with turning 60, I am sure it is! Thank you for your prayers and your concerns, it was truly appreciated!

Anyhow, for the final part of Jean’s recuperation from her illness, someone in our congregation paid for us to go away and spend some time here…

and here...

We had a wonderful time of relaxation, so beautiful and tranquil, it was absolutely fabulous! Jean is fully recovered, as I am now broke! Seriously, she is looking fantastic, and to look at her, you would never believe that she was ill for six months, during which time she spent five weeks in hospital, and had four operations on her foot.

Now we are both fully refreshed, we are ready for anything; Tally Ho! Let’s get to it!

Be encouraged!

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