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Friday, June 03, 2005

DAILY ENCOURAGEMENT - FRIDAY: “…encourage one another…”

"Hell is larger today than it was yesterday, because many of us have failed to pray."- David Smithers.
Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. - 1Thess 5:11. (ESV)

As we conclude this series on “…encourage one another…” we need to get about the ministry of bringing courage to each other and to the lost. What better way can we accomplish this, than to pray, pray for each other and for a dying world…

Prayer by John Mason (1646-1694).

  • Pray not to be seen of men but to be heard of God.
  • Prayer does not consist in gifted expressions and a volubility of speech; but in a brokenness of heart.
  • Imperfect broken groans from a broken heart, God will accept.
  • Prayer does not consist in the elegance of the phrase, but in the strength of the affection.
  • A hard heart cannot pray; a broken heart is made up of prayer.
  • When God pours out His Spirit upon man, then will man pour out his heart before God.
  • He that lives without prayer or prays without life, has not the Spirit of God.
  • Where there is a willing heart there will be a continual crying to heaven for help.
  • Prayer, if it be done as a task, is not prayer.
  • Sin quenches prayer, affliction quickens it.
  • The same Spirit of faith which teaches a man to cry earnestly, teaches him to wait patiently.
  • The breath of prayer comes from the life of faith.
  • A desire to be happy is natural, a desire to be holy is supernatural.
  • Love the men of the world, but not the things of the world.
  • To have a portion in the world is a mercy, to have the world for a portion is a misery.
  • If heaven does not enter into us by way of holiness, we shall never enter into heaven by way of happiness.
  • In heaven God will never hide His face any more, nor the devil show his face any more.
  • Can we expect to live with God in heaven if we love not to live with Him on earth?
  • If you love to worship God here below, God will take you up to worship Him above.
  • You shall change your place but not your employment.
  • If there be any grief in heaven, surely it will be that we have done no more for God on earth.
  • Do the Lord's work in the Lord's time; pray while God hears, hear while God speaks, believe while God promises and obey while God commands.

Let’s not hang about... let’s pray!

Loving Father, thank you for your word, which tells us to encourage one another. Help me by the power of the Holy Spirit, to really encourage someone today! Help me by the same power to pray for my fellow Christians and for a dying world. In Jesus wonderful name I pray!

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