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Monday, March 14, 2005

REVIVAL IN INDIA: Pandita Ramabai by David Smithers

Continuing our series on revival, we take a look at Pandita Ramabai. In reading her story 18 years ago, she had a profound effect on my Christian walk and in my desire to know and serve Him more.

Pandita Ramabai

Fire kindles more fire. In 1904 one of the most significant revivals of the modern Church age swept through Wales. News of the Welsh revival quickly encircled the globe, bringing with it sparks of hope and expectation.

Soon revival fires were burning in India, China, Korea and America. Instrumental in the revival in India was a young woman by the name of Pandita Ramabai.

Pandita established a center for young widows and orphans called "Mukti" meaning - salvation or deliverance. She longed to see a powerful revival among the neglected and helpless widows of India.

In December 1904, after receiving word of the Welsh revival, her hunger for an outpouring of the Spirit intensified, "she started prayer circles of ten girls each, urging them to pray for the salvation of all nominal Christians in India and across the world. At first there were seventy in her prayer circles. She sent out a call for other prayer circles to be formed among friends and supporters, giving each a list of ten unsaved girls or women for whom to pray. Within six months there were 550 at Mukti who met twice a day to pray for revival."

On June 29, 1905 the Spirit fell upon a large group of girls... Continue reading

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