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Thursday, March 24, 2005



Adrian as he opens the envelope… and the winner of the Warnie! isssss… SCOTWISE! Applause… applause….. hurr! hurr! (clearing my throat), swish! swish! (brushing my tux down for any fluff)… blushing as I receive a kiss on each cheek from Adrian… ahum! mmph!... Laughter!... Err… Thanks, Adrian… (I step up to the computer)… (Silence)…

It is with deep humility and great honour that I accept this Warnie award for blogging! Who would have thunk it, that when I started blogging at the end of January 2005, that I would be sitting here before you typing out my acceptance speech?

I first heard about blogging when I was transfixed in my chair watching the USA Presidential Elections on Fox News here in Australia, from which I still suffer from PET (Post Election Trauma). The next time I heard about blogging was when I was visiting my old Pastors website and it made reference to his blog… so I pressed Blogger, signed up and hey presto! 2 months later… my first award! So easy! :-) Laughter… Ha! Ha! Ha! (Silence).

When I started to blog I really didn’t know what my focus would be, but it soon developed into a blog for encouraging others. I already had an e-mail ministry called Daily Encouragement and these faithful readers have stuck by me and are reading my blog, Thank you! Applause… applause! And so encouragement has become a major part of my blog… Applause… applause! (Silence).

My desire is to encourage and inspire my fellow bloggers and my readers to win souls, the ministry we are all called too, and also to bring a gospel message to those who are not yet saved in the hope that they will come to know the love and joy of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ! Applause… applause… applause… applause… its all for Him! He gets the Glory!... Applause… applause… applause… applause… applause! (Silence).

First of all, I have to thank Adrian, for his constant encouragement and provocation… Laughter and Applause… applause… and to Milton at Transforming Sermons, who has encouraged me since I accidentally came across his blog, and to all the other bloggers and readers, too many to mention, who have constantly encouraged me!

Secondly, I want to thank the previous winners of Warnie’s… 21st Century Reformation, Ales Rarus, Allthings2all, Blogotional, John Mark Reynolds, Tim Challies and Transforming Sermons... all of them fantastic bloggers! Applause… applause… applause… applause! (Silence)...

Thirdly, I want to thank my dear blogging wife Jean (JESUS WORLD), without her this award would not have been possible! Applause… applause! (Are you still on that computer? Don’t you know you have a Church to look after? Your dinner is getting cold! I’m going to bed turn out the lights when you’re finished! Are you still up? Have you been up all night blogging? Get to bed!). Yes my darling… my sweet angel! She who must be obeyed? Just got time to write another post! Laughter… much laughter… much, much laughter!

And who could forget my blogging daughters… Meg (Miss Concept), Jeannie (Angel wiv Attitude), Janet (Smoko Break), and my blogging son-in-law Malcolm (Living Lifeskills), as well as my blogging friend Grant (Maverick Mindset), all can be found on my sidebar, Jean and my family and Grant, with the exception of Meg, were recruited to blogging by me! Applause… applause…

Thank you and GBYAY... Applause… applause… another hug from Adrian as I leave... aw! shucks!

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