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Sunday, March 20, 2005

DOCTOR OF LOVE: The most ridiculous item of the week!

This is a weird, weird world... what's your opinion?

Doctor of love by Lucy Carne
GUYS, not getting anywhere with romantic dinner dates or lavish bouquets? Then head to the bottom of your garden and dig up a rock.

This is the advice of Brisbane's Tony Collis, a self-professed "dating master" who, for $120 an hour, is transforming unlucky-in-love men into lady-killers.

"A lot of what we teach turns conventional wisdom on its head," Mr Collis said.

"An example is when we ask what the most impressive thing is you might give to a woman.

"Is it: take her to a nice restaurant, take her to the movies, or give her a rock from the bottom of your garden that has a spiritual story attached to it?

"A rock with an emotional or spiritual story attached to it will have much more significance to the woman." ... Continue reading

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