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Saturday, March 19, 2005


Yesterday I was viewing a Scottish Pastor's blog, (HT) View From The Basement and Brodie brought up these 7 thoughts that encouraged me as a new blogger, so I thought I would like to share what Brodie shared, that it might encourage others...

What's a blog for?
Tallskinnykiwi recently posted on the bloggers 7 deadly sins. This got me thinking afresh about what a blog is for, why I blog and read blogs. So here's my humble 7 thoughts on blogging;

(1) Blogs are a place for sharing, be that about what's going on in your life, the world or resources you want to make available to others.

(2) Blogs are a place for giving - so if you make something available don't charge for it. Johnny Baker's worship tricks are a fabulous example of giving on the blog.

(3) Blogs are a place to be vulnerable - ok there needs to be an appropriateness and some sense here. If I was having a problem with some one my blog is not the place to vent this. But if there is to be a genuine sharing and giving then that does mean there's a vulnerability. We're all vulnerable to people commenting on what we post, and vulnerable to people misappropriating what we give.

(4) Blogs should be places of encouragement - I think it's good to if you regularly read a blog post a comment every so often, even if you don't particularly connect with that post. I think it's particularly important to encourage those who don't get many comments and yet are doing good stuff.

(5) Blogs should be varied - it's good to have a mix of serious stuff and fun things to.

(6) Blogs should enrich - it's easy to be negative, and takes more effort and creativity at times to be positive. Also it's good to keep a balance between spending time with friends I can have a meal with and "do coffee" and friends whom I may never meet except on the blog.

(7) Blogs should be regular.

I thought they were excellent thoughts, (not just because he's Scottish!) :-) Maybe you would like to add to them and encourage others!

GBYAY and have a great weekend!

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