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Saturday, June 23, 2007


The God of our ancestors raised Jesus from the dead—whom you killed by hanging him on a cross. - Acts 5:30.

Peter is making clear that his faith in Jesus didn't just begin with Jesus, it began with the Patriarchs, the great Jewish fathers.

The God who blessed them also raised Jesus from the dead, even though Jesus had been executed in the most atrocious and humiliating way possible for a faithful Jew. He was nailed to a cross, wholly illegal, and a sign of being cursed under Jewish Law.

Praise God! He raised Jesus from the dead, exalted Him, and made him our Saviour and our Lord.

Loving Heavenly Father, I thank you for showing your power over evil, sin, hate, jealousy, and death. And I thank you that Jesus was raised from the dead and exhalted. In the wonderful name of Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, I offer my praise and thanksgiving. Amen.

Be encouraged.

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