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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

DOGGIE TAILS #7. Hugo The Great Escape Artist!

Wow! What an amazing story of survival, Hugo, the great escape puppy...

Pup Thrown From A Car!

LOVE may have run out for little Hugo, but fortunately his luck hasn't.

Hugo survived being thrown from a car going 50km/h at the weekend but, thanks to a passer-by, he's recovering in the RSPCA's Hobart shelter.

Hugo was shaken and wobbly, but has no broken bones and is recovering well at the shelter.

RSPCA shelter president Julie Williamson was appalled.

"The sort of person who can throw an animal out of a moving car is probably capable of much worse," Ms Williamson said.

He will make a great pet for someone; they can be assured of a long life for this dog!


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