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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


What a fantastic real life emergency story, of a baby delivered in a pub, in Melbourne, Australia!

A baby girl has been born in a pub bathroom in Melbourne with the help of hotel staff. The infant who just wouldn't wait was delivered safe and sound minutes before paramedics arrived at the Chelsea Heights Hotel in the bayside suburb of the same name.

Metropolitan Ambulance Service spokeswoman Liana Cross said the parents delivered the baby with assistance over the phone from a 000 operator, just after calling an ambulance. Hotel staff also helped with the birth.

"They (the parents) were on their way to the hospital," Ms Cross said. "They ducked in (to the hotel) for the mother to go to the loo and ended up delivering the baby in the bathroom."The paramedics said the staff were great."They got sheets and towels and were in there with the couple, looking after the mother and child until the paramedics arrived."

Hotel assistant manager Cynthia Zajcew helped with the delivery and said it happened very fast. "I went out to call the ambulance and by the time I came back in the husband had the head out," she said.
"That baby was ready to come out and she came out in about five seconds flat."

Mother and baby are doing well at Monash Medical Centre.

Cheers mate! Job well done!

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