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Friday, May 27, 2005


So much for being dependant on God... Psalm 23. Talk about sliding downhill fast, it can't get any faster than this for the Church of Scotland...

Church website considers adverts

The Church of Scotland could soon be looking for a commercial sponsor for its website, the General Assembly is set to hear.

A report to be discussed on Friday says there would be "considerable commercial potential" in looking for sponsorship, or even carrying adverts.

The Kirk says its website will have received two million hits by the end of this year.

However, adverts for alcohol, gambling and tobacco would not be welcome.

Neither would ones for loans or anything which, the report states, might be "ethically questionable".

The popularity of the site could translate into a welcome source of income from sponsorship or adverts, according to several firms which the Board of Communication has consulted.

The General Assembly will be asked to approve the proposal later on Friday.

Considering the number of Churches closing down weekly, the people leaving in droves, not counting the Hotel they built in Israel, which is losing huge amounts of money, I wonder how many of them will pray about this?

For His Names sake, how can they preach about depending on God and do this? Why can't they simply preach the gospel?

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